Heart Healthy Week #1

Week #1
Our Path to a Healthier Life

Hello!  This is our first week as we travel down this path for a healthier life!  I want to keep a record and share with you our ups and downs as we get Kyle better and start to make a difference in his lifestyle for a long and healthy lifetime!

Kyle has suffered a heart attack on April 12; had a heart procedure on April 22 and now is on the mend!  He's feeling better.  His incision is healing well and he is beginning to walk normal!  

This man is fabulous - he's following everything I want to try diet-wise!  He returned back to work on Monday - SLOWLY!  I've packed food and trying to follow this plant base diet program!  

One of the benefits of eating healthy foods is that it's their belief to "eat as much as you want"... so that's been good!   We are eating NO meat, NO dairy, NO oil or nuts & minimal salt and sugar on this diet.  We have also added NO caffeine - weary of the heart palpitations starting up again.  

Along with Kyle's daily allergy pill and prescriptions of a thyroid pill and blood pressure pill - Dr. Neel has added a blood thinner (night), a low-dosage aspirin (morning) and a cholesterol statin pill.  By going on this drastic change in our diet - our goal is to eliminate Kyle taking most of these prescriptions!  Our goal is to knock down Kyle's cholesterol level down from 200 to below 150; looking to drop his triglycerides down along with his LDL level to be 80 or below.  

Kyle's weight was recorded at 253 lb. the night of his hospital stay on April 12.  His heaviest weight had been over 260.  We have figured that after losing so much weight 7 years ago - when Kyle was in such good shape - he had returned back to bad habits and no exercise - that he basically gained about 10 lbs a year - for 7 years...  results were having clogged enough arteries to cause a heart attack at the age of 46.  

We have prayed earnestly on this subject of allowing Kyle to stay with us for a while longer on Earth!  "I didn't marry a younger man for nothing" - I need him around here!  So, I am cooking HEART HEALTHY for this man and want to share the recipes with you!  So, check back often for updates!  I plan to update once a week...  we'll see how that goes for now!

This week's top pick  


for a plant-based diet  is for a pasta recipe


Kyle liked this recipe - so shocked!  He is a VERY picky eater!  But right now, he's trying anything to heal his body and make it strong!  He LOVES pasta - so I am trying things NEW mixed with his favorites to break this new method in!

 Penne w/Chickpeas & Spinach

1 Onion
4 Garlic cloves
1/2 cup Vegetable Broth
6 Sun-dried Tomatoes
3 cups Baby Spinach
1/4 cup Dill; chopped
1 cup Chickpeas (1/2 15 oz. can)
Freshly Ground Pepper
1/4 Box (14 oz box) Whole Wheat Penne

Cook and drain penne according to package. Chop onions in food processor -  Saute' onions in a skillet until tender (4-5 minutes) in the vegetable broth.  Chop garlic and then add to onions -cook for 2 more minutes.  Chop sun-dried tomatoes in food processor and add to onion/garlic mixture.  Add broth and cook until liquid is almost gone.  Add dill, spinach, chickpeas and cook until spinach wilts.  Add cooked pasta - mix well.  Season to taste with pepper!   ENJOY!

A question we often receive from family & friends while following a plant-based diet is:  

"What has made you choose this way of lifestyle?"  

This movie is a documentary behind Dr. Esselstyn's program in the prevention and reversal of heart disease.  It's almost 2 hours long - found it on NETFLIX.  After reading books, articles and now this movie - it seems to be marking the path that we want to go.  I am doing research, studying like I have never done before, in finding a solution for our health problem.  

The NO dairy has been tricky!  We're currently trying out milk alternatives.  Do you have a suggestion?  In need of something that Kyle can drink, have in his cereal and cook with AND that does NOT contain any dairy!  Guess we will be buying a variety of non-dairy milks and having a "taste-party"!  

Thanks for stopping by and letting us share our story!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

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