Simply Watercolor Class - Day 1

Link to this class for information or sign up:


Today, I am starting my FIRST interactive on-line watercoloring class this week.  Day 1, we are creating patterns and backgrounds; this may soon be one of my favorite techniques! There are so many different ways you can create patterns!

Technique 1 - DAY 1 

 Here is my homework form the first card - watercoloring a plaid design: 

     Here are several more painted plaid patterns that I painted and experiment with...  I have three sons - all different universities to represent!  

Technique #2

We’re learning to play with color by painting an easy grid pattern. I did have fun painting with different water-to-pigment ratios for lighter or deeper colors!  

Technique #3

 The next technique is repeating shapes. I used the circle pattern included in the PDF class notes.  Also had fun creating a design with a cascade of stars and another with hearts!!

That is it for DAY 1 of "Simply Watercoloring Class!  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  This class is fun...  I'm learning - just very SLOWLY!  Going to have a TON of new cards added to my stash - YAY!  

Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!