Frigid Tuesday

Definition of "FRIGID" is  very cold or icy - 
Well it was definitely a "Frigid Tuesday" for us in the big C-town - sure did like going to school late  and getting out early!  I could get use to that! haha! I switched out the decorations on my art classroom windows with "Think Snow" - the kids incorporated a web 2.0 tool from  in making cut-out snowflakes during short classes today.  They created a snowflake 1st on the computer and then tried to duplicate a real paper snowflake...  It's not as easy as it sounds! The actual paper snowflakes are taped on my window... can't see them very well in this pic, sorry!  We had fun though and kept warm!  Hope you were able to keep warm and stayed inside as much as possible!

Still working on the "Get Well" social party favors.  Today I was able to 
complete the "Cough Drop" 2-4-6-8 bag!  This is such a quick little bag
 to make for anytime!  I've done this bag before at Thanksgiving (here's a link to see this bag with a "turkey") and also a link to watch a video
 tutorial by Theresa Payne - I learn a lot from her! - it is a "easy peasy" project - promise!  These bags are decorated up in the "Campbell's Soup" theme and hold .... cough drops!  Chocolate would be ideal - but this is for a "Get Well" social! ):

New Year's Resolutions - how are you doing on yours?  One of my resolutions was to give out to all our friends and family members  -
 handmade CARDS - for their birthday, anniversary...  Now!  This year, I'm including "Church Family" - and so far - I did January... whew!  One down and eleven more months to go! haha!  I decided that I needed to do this... I make a lot of cards and they just sit there - so I'm doing two good things - hopefully uplifting someone's day with a handmade card and making my hobby more meaningful?  Hey!  The little kids love it - give 'em
 candy with a card - who doesn't like free candy- hee hee!  This pic is a quick 3x3 card w/matching envie for the kiddos.   We'll see if I can make it through February - maybe if I'm telling you my resolution and goal; I'll stick to it!  You are my motivation! 

Have you seen the town that all works together and build the largest snowman each year?  In Bethel, Maine - they hold the world's record for
 having the largest snowman.  In fact, they just beat their last year's record this year - check out this video - it's so neat to see all the community work together!  And we think we have "snow issues"!  Last year the snowman
was around until JUNE... (melting must have been sloooooow!) Have a great SNOW day!