"Girlie Gifts" this week!


 I got the honor of making "Girlie" gifts!!  Last week I made my niece a birthday card Happy B-day "A"; (working hard on Andy Hayes' 20th card - that'll be another post - can you believe it - "20" argh! ) 
   But "Girlie Gifts" are SO FUN!  Aric's little friend will get a new "Girlie Can" and my other niece turning 12 - a "Girlie Squash Book".  Black, hot pink and lime green were the color 
scheme - these colors TOTALLY ROCK!   
     Blogging is fun and is an outlet - I am just like you! My days are full of "to do's", morning till night. Sound familiar? When I do find the time in the day, I love crafting - totally into paper-crafting at the moment (2 years!).  That's why my blogs are often full of the projects that I'm working on.  As a mom to 4 males (2 at-home sons, 1 college son and 1 husband), that time is often limited.  I have been creating art items, cards, doo-das, painting, claying, anything "artsy-fartsy" all my life. Each one different from the last. It is something I truly enjoy. 
     You could even say it is a passion. Part of that passion has been sharing with others and attempting to teach them - hence my 2nd job of teaching art in the high school and often my clubs and other groups that I'm involved in - it's just who I am.  I am very lucky to be able to live in a 
small town and share!  So! Please don't think that I'm a "kiss up" or trying to out-do someone else... I'm giving to give... I make things to give -  it's just me! 
      I've also made a resolution to give Birthday cards to all of my family and friends; including church family... and I've almost made it through February -- only 10 more months to go (what was I thinking, ha!!)  Have a great FRIDAY!

***I've gone "Squash Card" crazy!  Hey PC - this one is for Gracie - started it as a demo for the students and finally finished it up with pictures of the sweetest girl in town - will be sending it snail-mail soon!  Love you!


Jenschke Family said...

Oh, my mom would be so envious for you to be her daughter. She is such a crafty person and I can honestly say, I can't stand it. I love seeing others people's work and admire it. But, it is not for me. Just ask Ms. Stewart about the "tree episode". Three minutes and I gave up! Keep it up and good for you for doing something that makes YOU happy!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

You are AMAZING and don't let anyone ever tell you that you're not. Even me when I am extrmely jealous of al your fantastic projects and your energy.

Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

Oh my, that is adorable! That is the cutest little girl (a little partial) and the cutest craft ever. Seriously you need to make me copies of the sheets you have. We never did get to craft while I was there and that makes me very sad! Gracie love her cousin Melissa and so do I!