"A Day Late..."

Our family missed the Easter festivities... so "A Day Late" - we dyed eggs!  I know, I know... but we all wanted too - so we had fun coloring our boiled eggs!  Now I'm trying to catching up on washing clothes - argh!

Had just a small bit of time to create a "Kid's Card" - the kind that can be thrown away or torn up without "too many" tears...LOL!  This card is attached to candy - so kids always like the card!  It's a small 3x3 card -  the cupcake on the front is a die-cut from the cuttlebug and then the base of the card is textured with a "Happy Birthday" cuttlebug card.  I LOVE my cuttlebug - can't wait until the summer to play MORE with this machine!  (34 more days... but who's counting!)

In art class for the last week, my students have been taking their 2-D cartoon characters and molding them into a 3-D
sculpture out of clay. We're using a "Sculpty" clay - an oven baked clay for this project.  We're studying the Principles of Design - Rhythm and Movement using cartoons, caricatures and comic strips.  Now the challenge is to create a sculpture.  Each clay NURDZ started out in a drawing.  My students have a great sense of humor and enthusiasm in making these "NURDZ"; we even have a "NURDZ-ERY" for our clay sculptures... it's been fun.  Sometimes we even have "self sculptures" - ones that strongly resemble the artist!! 


Stephanie Harbin said...

How fun, and I just thought you were going to fence all night!! Isn't it funny that you have a cricut, but you LOVE your cuttlebug!! I am glad your kids did eggs. Mine refused. Oh well, maybe next year.

mjvaughans said...

Your boys are so cute! Can I pay you to just make me a huge stack of random cards to give throughout the year so I never have to stand in the Wal-Mart aisle pondering forever?!! ha!