LTC "Surprise" Trip

Our mighty, fearless leader TRICKED us!  He pulled us all up into the room Saturday afternoon, after everyone's LTC events were over and announced that we would go to the Galleria Mall in Dallas for our Saturday finale' - to be ready at 7PM... THEN at 7 when we're all ready to go to the mall- he announced that we were going to the Mediveval Times WOW! It was only two business blocks away... within walking distance and  all 68 of us enjoyed a super-duper AWESOMEtime.  KV had been before, but our family had not...  Here's some pics from the nights event - again it wasFANTASTIC!  We all enjoyed a great time!  (I'll post later about the "Party People vs. our Church Kids!!)  If you ever get the chance to explore and experience the "Medieval Times" - do it!  You will be glad that you did!



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Jenschke Family said...

Girl, you are quick. You have much better pictures than I do! I spent over an hour creating a slide show on and lost it as I was pasting it into my blog!!!!!! I will try again later, maybe.