White Trash S'More's!

Picture a moon-lit night, stars aglow in the darken sky, 
cozy tents arranged in a "u" shape around a blazing 
campfire... campers roasting marshmallows on a wire; 
ready to fix up a batch of "S'Mores"... 

Hey!  In the big C-Town, us "White Trash" just roast "mallows" over the burn-can in the backyard... hee hee!  

Alex went on a Junior High Retreat - so we had to occupy Aric's time with something FUN, to make up the difference of being "left behind" - so he decided on making "S'More's" (YUM!)  So here's some pics from his "adventure" in the backyard!  KV brought home old math papers to burn (he says shredding takes too long?) so he burned his papers from the last school year and Aric made a "S'More" station out of the paper box top and "roasted mallows" (have you seen the old movie "Sandlot" - they say "mallows" - gah!)  KV just loves all the pics I post with him eating!  At least he gets compliments on his pretty teeth - huh Fitz! LOL!

Working on the May/June birthday cards... remember my resolution to make everyone in my church a birthday card (OMG!  What was I thinking...?)  I'm getting good practice making
 "Belated" birthday cards!  May was SO BUSY - but I've finally
 caught up and back to making just regular birthday cards!  

Also made "graduation" cards to go with a gift of a book - created by 
Samantha Ettus - "The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do"  . For the graduate that "knows everything"... this book might help?  They're always so excited to get this gift... (not!) but most of the time they will comment on something that they have read or learned
from this book.  "Who Knows..."  I've been giving this book as a graduation gift for over 4 years... trying to be unique? - I don't know!  Adding to a collection of unread books?? Maybe!

How is your summer coming along?  It's almost the middle of JUNE!  Time sure flies!  I'm finally taking the "plunge"... KV is reading out loud the last "Harry Potter" book to us and I'm listening to the audio of the last book in the "Twilight" series - Breaking Dawn.  "I'm weird!"  I HATE good-byes, sad movies and "ending the story"... so it's really a big step for me to finish both of these series... told you I was weird - wonder what that says about me "really"?? hmmmm!  
Hope you're taking time out to relax and HUG the ones you love.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!


C. A. said...

Only in my famiy....

Anonymous said...

LOL! OMG! Too funny! What family fun! Mel, they will remember these things all of their lives! What FUN parents!

Jenschke Family said...

I love your family! You always do the funnest things. Your kids are sooooo lucky! Keep it up, you are doing an awesome job!

mjvaughans said...

No, C.A....not only in your family! I can totally picture certain members of my family doing this also! (The same ones that light fireworks using the burning trash in the barrel!) Ha! Melissa, Mom and I were jealous of your awesome card making ability and we decided we would just keep reminding ourselves that you're an art teacher (it helps us feel better)!! :-)