A year ago...

To be in the middle of a "storm" has new meaning after the June 15, 2008 Storm that we had in the big C-Town last year.  Storms NOW scare me.  I always have it in the back of my mind to be ready to grab the kids, dog, cat and RUN during a "thunder" storm.

Yes!  I enjoyed all the rain this weekend BUT I was weary to do much; not wanting to go far from a cellar! 
 How was your weekend?  
MONDAY will be KV's first "real" day off!  He's finally going to experience the "summer"!  
He's on a 11-month contract... so he always works 2 more weeks after and will start 2 weeks before... oh to be paid the "big bucks" - yeah, right!  LOL!  The boys are headed on their "Road Trip" this week without me... hmmm ! No one to take are of, cook for, clean up after... what will I do?  I'll be "lovin' it" - hee hee!  Hope you have a great week.


Jenschke Family said...

Even though the storm last year did not hit our house, we could see it all from our front porch! I had knee surgery two weeks earlier and still could not walk very well. All I said to Lonnie was "give me plenty of notice to take cover....I can only take one step at a time." He just laughed! I heard him on the porch yelling "Childress is getting pelted!" My heart sank! The electricity went off and all I could think of was our friends and how could we help? It was the worse feeling in the world to know that I could do nothing. I just praise God that no one was hurt and most everything has been fixed! Enjoy your summer!

Stephanie Harbin said...

I guess you will just have to spend some time making red, white and blue cards. I wish you could come over tomorrow. I miss you. Have a great week!