3 wks down... 33 more to go!

With trying to have a positive attitude - on my student's progress reports for Art class this Friday , I added in the notes section  this statement - "3 wks down... 33 more to go!" - most read it and smiled!  Even had a student say, " when you put it that way - it seems so short!"  They just don't realize that time FLIES by and the older you get - the faster time goes, huh!  

Wednesday night, we in C-Town had a TERRIFYING thunderstorm - we received about 1.5" of rain in 15 minutes.  The lightening and thunder were simply "heart-stopping" - so loud; earth shaking!  But afterwards, God reminded us that he was still in control - isn't the rainbow beautiful - amazing!  Pics were taken with the rainbow just over our house... love it!
Alex played in his first ever CJHS Bobkitten football game!  We all traveled to Perryton, TX (21/2-3 hrs away - argh!) on Thursday and watched!  They split up the team into A and B teams - we were on B team and Alex played almost the whole game...  it was great! Go #85!  We lost 12 to 6, but just being there and seeing him all suited up!  Can't wait for more! 

On the "Crab Issue"... received very useful info (Thank you Joanna!) and we are in the works of "luring in the lost crab" -a student brought me some salt water from her saltwater aquarium (who knew crabs needed this?) put a bowl of saltwater in the middle of  newspaper,  to hear when the crab comes in search for the water... clever idea!  Hope he is still alive!  If you have a "Hermit Crab" (I know a lot of you WON crabs at the recent carnival!)  Here's a great resource of information here at this website:  http://www.crabstreetjournal.com

The rain is such a blessing this weekend!  Cool weather - almost
 forgot what it was like, hee hee!  Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!  HUG the ones you love!

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Lana said...

Lynsi came across their hermit crab last night in the middle of the night. I'm sure you will find yours too!! Just don't step on it!!