The "Prodigal" Crab...

Hope you had an AWESOME weekend!  Ready for a great week?  Here's some exciting news...
The Rescue Plan worked that was suggested by Joanna - and the other Hermit Crab was so excited to see the lost one - too funny.  Now, these are very anti-social creatures... but the other crab was crawling all over the returned crab - who was on top of the seawater soaked sponge!  Think he was very thirsty from his outing! LOL!  Now we can sleep at night without one ear open to little claws clicking on the hardwood floors - argh!

Also our CHS Art Project was submitted and approved, so
now YOU can vote using your SONIC tags off of your drinks.  It's the"Painting Up for Bobcat Spirit" - where the CHS Art students will be painting a big wooden Bobcat head to be attached to the outside of the CHS Baseball Press Box!! Sharing BOBCAT SPIRIT to the whole community. Read here about our project and be sure to vote.  It's FREE (unless you count the drink that you have to buy at SONIC for the tag!)
Just click on this icon for further details!
Vote for project number 311478

With the wonderful "Fall-like" weather, I was able to get into the studio and make up the last of the September Birthday cards - yahoo!  Here's what came out of this run from the weekend!
  Also made some cool "designer paper" beads to add with other beads in making a keychain at the Crop Shop on Sunday.  These beads were too fun to make... using oxygen tubing and designer paper - you could make ANY color of bead to go with... whatever!    Fun project - Steph - thanks for sharing!

Hope you are off to a great week!  Thanks for stopping by and HUG the ones you love!


Jenschke Family said...

Got my card today! Thanks! You are soooooo good to keep up with everyone's birthday. I barely keep up with my family's!

Going to vote for your project right now. Good luck!


mjvaughans said...

Oh I am so glad you got your crab back! Our hamster got loose one time and crawled in bed with Traci - yuck! :-) We are also enjoying some nicer weather - have all the windows open right now! Can't wait for fall (and holidays)! Love you all!

John Exum said...

So if you have two hermit crabs and you make them live together, then are they now "mingling crabs?" :)