Having a busy week!

Hope you had a GREAT week!  
We had a busy one - whew!  
Love, love, love the weekends!  
Here's some pictures from the week!  The CJHS pep-rallies and games are usually on Thursdays - Alex plays  in the percussion during the rallies and on the 7th grade Bobkitten team!  This week they played Fritch. Go #85!  


Aric started Flag Football and his first game was today - Saturday!  He is on the RAIDERS this year!  Go #11!

We survived the 1st concession stand at Fair Park Stadium - the Bobcat's 1st home game - OMG!  How I forgot what a long day it can be...  got home at 11 PM 
- too pooped to party!  No extreme emergencies - not after the ice man's machines broke so we had to haul ice in from TxDot, Candy man was running late - BG saved the day by running to WF on Thursday to buy candy; and right at the last minute someone "jimmied" the door on the home side stand and we had to break in and take the door knob off to get inside - argh!  But NO STRESS!  LOL!  We have great people working with us - and we made it through! One down - three more to go!

Included in this post is a video from this morning - Aric snagged a flag right in front of us... during his flag football game and the Ging got it on video - she was so excited! 
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!  HUG the ones you love!  


Stephanie Harbin said...

ging cracks me up!!! Seriously, where do you get the energy for all that. I slept most of Saturday. This week was busy.

Jenschke Family said...

Girl, you are way too busy! Maybe things will be a little slower this week. I said maybe! At least no concession stand. Last year we had to work 3 of the 4 games!!! I just wondered where all the other parents were?????? You guys did great. I didn't have to wait in line very long and the kids were too busy playing to notice!!! Hang in there! You are a better person than I am.....