Mystery Trip #3 - Seismic Style!

On Saturday, after an early morning flag football pictures and game, after a birthday party - we grabbed the boys and headed for Oklahoma!  This was to be our "Mystery Trip #3"!  Destination was Meers, Oklahoma - located up in the Wichita Mountains around Lawton, Ok.

We download several geocaches into the gps -  that were located on our designated route.  We found 4 out of 9; next trip we're downloading and printing out the information to take with us!  We're missing out on the exact details of where the caches are located... but we still found some really neat located caches - and even picked up a "travel bug" cache!  That's where you log in where this bug was found and then you place it in another cache... for someone else to find! For more information on GEOCACHING - click here!  It's a fun and cheap adventure... LOL!

We had the perfect day for traveling!  The scenic route of 
the Wichita Mountains was so pretty!  We saw Longhorns and Buffalo roaming in the National Resevior.  Dinner was to be at the  famous Meers Restaurant- best known for their Meersburgers! We arrived around 5 PM. After waiting about 25 minutes, (we beat the rush - when leaving, the line was out the door!) We finally got to tour and sit down in the old gold miner's hang-out.  We order the "Seismic Meersburger" that feed all four of us along with Texas Toothpicks (fried onions and jalapeno strips), "American" fries and fried okra - WOW!  For dessert - homemade ice cream with Cherry cobbler and some fried peaches!  YUM - Yes!  Our fat/sugar intake was extreme!


Next on the list, was to drive to the top of Scott Mountain located just a couple of miles from Meers.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Perfect at sunset!  This location was busy!  Lots of people doing the same thing that we were.  This was the boys first "mountain" to peak - a "nail-biting" experience as we drove UP... my mother-in-law would have freaked out!  It's a very pretty view!  Lawton is in the background and also a large wind farm can be seen!
We were very tired when returning home, but it was a great trip.  We just needed to get away and do something together as a family.  We were on a budget - and this area was just in our "backyard", so to speak... traveling only about 2 hours away!  So for a short drive and under $100 - we completed our Mystery Trip #3 - Seismic Style!  Today, I'm rushing to grade papers, catch up on the boys' piano, homework and wash all the clothes before the week starts up!  But it's all good!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Hug the ones you love!  Thanks for stopping by!


Chris, Paula, Gracie and Thor said...

I really don't get the geocache, what do you actually find???

love yall and yum on yalls meal!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Y'all are such fun parents! Maybe on the next Mystery Trip, I can sneak in the car! LOL!

You'll have to tell me more about the geocaching...I've always thought that would be really interesting!

Jenschke Family said...

You guys are just going to have to adopt my family. We are too ignorant (or lazy) to do anything on our own! Take us with you next time.

I still can't get my family pumped about geocaching so maybe you can convince them! Lonnie just sits there and stares at me. Like "you mean you really want to do something?" Good grief!

Thanks for raising the bar for the rest of us!!

Lana said...

Ya'll have too much fun!! I want to be a part of your family, too!!