Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My students have been collecting, saving and voting with SONIC tags for our local art project for the last two weeks in school.  With the help of EVERYONE in the community 

Our project has been FUNDED! 
Thank you so much for your help!  We live in a GREAT town!  Love SMALL TOWNS!
We will soon be creating, designing, painting and mounting
 up our sign for Bobcat Spirit on our school's baseball pressbox - will post pictures when project is complete!  Thank you again!  Here's more info of our project here!

Here are some pictures from our CHS "GENDER BENDER" Day this week - "Holy Cow" - what a day!  All I can say is our students have SPIRIT on "Spirit Dress Up Day"!  Go Bobcats!  LOL!


Hope you have a GREAT WEEK.  We've got a MYSTERY TRIP planned for the boys tomorrow - and it's still a secret... more on the next post!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hug the ones you love!


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