All my chicks in the nest...

Yes!  I am a "Mother Hen" and it feels SO GOOD to have all my chicks at home!  If you've ever had one of yours "out of the nest"  - ya know what I mean.  Andy Hayes is HOME!

Andy had pick-up trouble about 45 minutes from Hamilton, Alabama (on the other side of Tupelo, MS) - so his dad had to come and retrieve him and his pick up and haul them both back.  So after putting on tires on his dad's pick-up - leaving at 7 PM and traveling ALL NIGHT - he's finally in Texas!  We were leaving at 7:30 AM for school and Andy came in and crashed after lots and lots of hugging!  Praise the Lord - he made it safely - thanks for the prayers!  We're off to a GREAT weekend!

Here's Alex on SPIRIT DAY - dressed up in his Bobcat (oops!) Bobkitten Blue and White!  These 7th graders will be playing the Friona bunch tonight!  Our JV Bobcats headed up that way at lunch and we've got reports of Friona having snow already - argh!  I'm sure that they will return with great stories of the game!  LOL!

Aric has returned back "to the living" so to speak after his illness and missing 2 1/2 days of school!  Here is his Indian Adobe dwelling structure for Texas History!  Hope he has a good day back at school.  There are so many out with sickness!

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by! 


mjvaughans said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad Andy made it home safe (even though he had a rocky start)! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and Halloween! Tell your mom hi for me also! Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

CUTE CUPCAKES! Glad Andy got to visit!