Family & the 4th!

This weekend was spent with family! We enjoyed my cousin and her family's visit so much! Thank you Paula! "Princess Grace" was the entertainment! She's a SWEETHEART!

My brother, CA, and his girls came on the 4th to celebrate with us. His wife stayed home - she had to work the next day - boo!

My dog thinks she is so sly up on the couch with the Christy Family... NOT! Dallas the Dalmatian!

Here's a couple of "Cousins Pic" (all that "blonde" hair - can't tell their kin, huh!)

We enjoyed our 3-day weekend/holiday~ and everyone made it home safe! We beat the blues of the rain and were delighted with Grace's every move! Hope you were able to enjoy your 4th also!

KV and the boys are in the middle of their "MAN TRIP" to KV's dad - in Glen Rose, TX! This is their 3rd year to include this trip for the summer! Here's a link from last year... oh my! Trey, KV's brother, is also there - so 5 Vannoy men together - OMG! We'll see what they try this week! hee hee!

KV has already called and has found a '09 Buick Enclave that he
likes. "Of course" - I have the car HERE, in Childress, that he wants to trade, hahaha! So, I may make a quick trip after judging District 4-H Record Books in Vernon on Thursday to get a new car - yahoo! I've got my fingers crossed... KV HATES my suburban - won't even drive it! So this could be a good thing for a new car! (...and better gas mileage!)

Hope all is well for you and yours! I'm enjoying the peace and quiet - reading Janet Evanovich's new "Sizzling Sixteen" book! She makes me laugh OUT LOUD - too funny! Love all of her characters! If you haven't tried this series - it's a "no brainer" - but funny; start with "One for the Money"... and meet Stephanie Plum!

Oh! We do NOT have a new dog! Alex is dog-sitting for friends - it's the sweetest corgi puppy named "Biscuit"; which resembled Grace's dog from her house and she just thought they were "one in the same"! Too cute!

Thanks for stopping by! HUG the ones you love the most! Enjoy your summer!


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Maria said...

M - I totally laugh out loud every time I read one of Janet Evanovich's books!!! my kids always say - what's so funny???? I just tell them ooohhh nothing..... ha!