CAUTION! A bunch of blubbering...

"Be polite and be fair."

During the beginning of last year, I've started reading and adopting from the "Happiness Project". It's a great book - It's helped with keeping a more positive attitude and for making the most out of your life NOW! This week, Gretchen is emphasizing "Be Nice, it matters!" on her blog! She's the author of the Happiness project!

Coming from a conservative, Christian family - this was a standard rule in daily life - "Be polite and be fair". Just like the golden rule that we are taught to follow - "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" - all that applies in daily life, right? God is always right - he knows what he's talking about!

So, it really upsets me when this simple rule isn't followed. When professional adults are not polite and fair to each other - it blows my mind and really messes with my emotions! WHY? Maybe this is my MOJO buster right now... hmmmm! MEAN PEOPLE - I'm doing some self-adjusting and assessing my bad attitude phase that I'm enduring right now... and now I'm talking to my "blog peeps" and blubbering... (I'm sorry!) Cheaper than a shrink, huh!

One reason that I came back to live and raise my family in a small town is to be involved and live with FRIENDS. I view my small town as a TEAM and I view my job as a TEAM. My Church family is my FAMILY! Family is my FAMILY! I want to help and support those around me - SO! It really bothers me when this doesn't happen! We are FRIENDS, TEAM, FAMILY... it bothers me even more when one of them are mistreated! ARGH!

It's just a simple thing - "Be Nice"! Henri-Frederic said the same thing, in a slightly more flowery way, “Life’s short and we never have enough time for gladdening the hearts of those who travel the way with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to be kind.”

So my conclusion to this "bad mojo situation" - is to MOVE ON! To "BE NICE" to everyone - no matter who! To continue to be FAIR AND POLITE to everyone - every day! To overlook the negative, mean people and SMILE! It's like my moma would say - "Quit wearing your feelings on your shoulder and get over it" - hmmmmmmm!

I need to get over it and move on! Okay! See! You helped! You have helped me with a solution - thanks! Yeah! We make a great TEAM and you are a great friend - just by being there! Thank you again. But, I'm still going to get a shirt with "BE NICE!" on it and wear it- OFTEN - to remind me and others! Have a great day!


Maria said...

Listen - if you get that shirt - let me know and I'll get one too!!! It is hard to get over it.... I'm working on it but why get the mean people get over it too? Maybe we should sic your momma on them - that'll teach 'em!!!!

Jenschke Family said...

You know this exact thing has been on my mind a lot lately. I can be a feisty thing and let you have it in a blink of an eye BUT most of the time I play VERY VERY nice. When I do get the "smart mouth" 99% of the time I go apologize. SOOOO why is it that when someone walks all over me I am to take it and do double duty to make THEM happy? It's hard to always do the right thing while others just bully their way through life.

I have learned that you can push me as much as you want and you can mouth at me all you want but when it comes to my family you better expect a fire breathing mama coming at you with complete rage!

So girl....just hang in there and SMILE! If it is aimed at your kids start drinking lighter fluid!!!!!!! LOL

Stephanie Harbin said...

I don't know what happened, but no one should ever be mean to you. You are just way to sweet. I need to have my attitude adjusted and start being nicer. I think I let others do things that upset me and never let them know they are upsetting me, so I finally react and do something mean. I feel justified, of course, cause they were mean first. There are two sides to every story and I should just be more honest and upfront about how I feel, and then maybe the other person would respect my feelings and not stomp on I needing a shrink here???