It's the little things...

It's the little things in life that add
up the most, ya know!

The other day, as KV and the boys were doing yard work - they stopped and picked the "Naked Ladies" (aka Spider Lilies) from the backyard before mowing... and brought me a bouquet! Sweet, huh! My boys rock! (Remind me of that - when I think different - okay?)

How are you? I've been in a "Low Mojo" mood - started the school year off that way. Boo! Trying to change my attitude! We've been so busy that I'm surprised that I can have an attitude at all!

This was our HOMECOMING week at CHS! It seemed early - first home game - third game on the schedule! Here's a cute pic of a "nerdy Bobcat" on Nerd "dress up spirit" Day! Michael is a "sweetheart" of a student! This pic has got to make ya smile!

KV's oldest niece, LINDSEY, was one of the five nominees for Homecoming Queen! She looked so beautiful Friday night! (Lindsey's the one on the right!) Can't believe that she's in her senior year - argh!

Also, during the festivities of Homecoming - Aric was selected to be on "Bob's Crew" during the game. Three 5th graders are picked and get to help the Bobcat Dads' put up the large "blow up" Bobcat at a home game. Aric was excited to help!

But the BEST thing of the week was Alex - he played his first 8th football game. He was a little disappointed to be put on the "B" team - so we were encouraging him to be positive - did he want to play the game or stand there? SO! during his game - he scored 3 touchdowns! THREE! It was so exciting! After the game, he walked over to the A team and they all clapped and cheered for Alex - it was so cool! Alex was smiling so big! It was great to see all of his team-mates be supportive and encouraging!

And where's the pictures of this "auspicious" occasion? ARGH! I couldn't grab the camera fast enough and the Ging got lots of video of the grass and sky! Hahahaha! But I've got some backup - Ginger Wilson thinks that she's got some pictures - so I'll post them asap - for evidence, huh! LOL!

Hope all is well with you and yours! I'm working on a better attitude! I know, I know - I have been richly blessed and have a healthy and happy family - so what's wrong with me? Just reading over this week's event - gives me the initiative to bump up the "mojo" and get out of this funk! I'm trying! Hug the ones you love the most! Thanks for stopping by!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

I love spider lilies. I haven't seen any this year. Are they from a bulb? I wish I had a yard full! lol Your boys are very sweet!! And if you don't believe that, I will send an onery girl over to stay for a while!!