Cleaning MY oven... Before & After Pictures

Hope this post finds you doing FANTASTIC!

I've got a super technique in helping with your spring cleaning!
Of course, it's from my BF (blogging friend) JILL
- and I have pictures to prove it.
Check out her blog - you won't be sorry - this woman is brilliant with all of her homemade concoctions!

NOW! Given that this is the MOST HATED task for me to complete - but I have conquered it and have actually found satisfaction in this job - granted that I may not do it for another 3 years, BUT... it's done!

So! How long has it been
since you've cleaned your oven?

Me...?? Don't ask - I really do hate this job! I mean - H.A.T.E.
Here's the picture to prove it - the dirty oven BEFORE Sunday night. Yes! I am embarassed to show you this... but there is a happy ending! Jill must be reading my mind - because she posted a great and new and (best of all) no nasty - heavy-fumed "oven cleaner needed" post of cleaning your oven.

It's simple really... she brings a skillet full of water to a boil as she preheats the oven to 150 degrees - turns the oven off - places the skillet in the oven; bottom shelf and a glass pan with 1 cup of ammonia on the top shelf and let it sit overnight.

Then - just wipe clean in the morning - REALLY! That easy - except I wished I had 6 foot arms to reach the back of the oven - but now I have learned that you can detach the oven door for easier cleaning - duh! I'll have to try that next time (in 3 years!)

Here's my AFTER picture!
Now THIS picture,
I'm not embarrassed to show you
- much better, huh!
And I did it all by myself -
without harmful chemicals!

Good luck on all of your
Spring Cleaning chores!

Thanks for stopping by - here's to a GREAT week! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...