KV's 42 and dyeing Easter Eggs

My sweet hubby turned 42 this last week - we celebrated with CHEESECAKE - yum! He was a good sport and even let me post a "crazy" picture of him on facebook to celebrate!

He really is a great guy - he is an answer to a prayer that I had over 19 years ago...

I LOVE YOU, Kyle Vannoy!

During Easter, we travel to Dallas to a HUGE LTC Convention at a HUGE hotel - the Anatole. It's a treat - To stay at such a nice hotel, but also to be surrounded with Christian people everywhere and having the boys participate in some great events where they really do learn a lot. But we aren't home for Easter - this isn't so bad since the boys are too old to "hunt Easter Eggs" - but they still like to dye them.

Okay, okay - MOM still makes them dye the eggs - but it's all part of the season! I'm lucky to have boys that like to indulge me in my quirky little things that I do!

Here's some pictures from our "creative" moment this weekend!

And I've got to share with you...
I BAKED the eggs - really!
Another thing I found on "Pinterest" that led me to this technique here. I baked 18 eggs at 325 degrees for 30 minutes; plunged them into ice-water and then the boys dyed them. They taste the same and NO CRACKS or damaged shells - awesome!

Thanks for stopping by - wishing you a great day and a super tomorrow. Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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mjvaughans said...

Love the updates! The boys are so adorable (but don't tell them I said that - boys hate it!) Ugh...you reminded me how much I need to clean my oven. I have been dreading it. Thanks for the tip - I'll get Michael right on it! :-)