LTC 2012

Another year completed for LTC!

"Leadership in Training for Christ" is a Church of Christ event for young people to participate in a variety of events during the long Easter weekend.

These group and individual events have really taught my boys techniques and skills that will last alifetime! We have been involved with LTC for over 12 years. From song leading, giving speeches, reading Bible scriptures to the group events of chorus, puppets and drama ~ along with a bunch of preconvention events - Christian art, powerpoint presentation and one-minute message.

Our church group has grown to over a 100 in the last couple of years - all traveling together and staying the weekend in Dallas, Tx. The last two years, we had the privilege of staying at the Hilton Anatole - which is an experience in itself.It's a fun time for all! Sure, it's stressful and time consuming - but my boys enjoy it and have really learned a lot! So, YES! We will be doing this again~

Here's pictures of the weekend spent at LTC 2012!

We also grabbed 15 geocaches along the way to and from our travels this weekend, along with 2 travel bugs. We are aiming for hitting the big 500 for the summer!

Thank you for letting me share pictures of the boys - I've got more pictures of the weekend -please check back later for the Texas Ranger game post! Hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the longer days and cool nights - they are so nice, right now! Evening is my favorite time of the day - maybe that's when I'm finally home and gearing down from all the day's activities - but I LOVE to sit outside and drink a glass of tea while watching the stars begin to pop out into the dark sky!

Be sure and stop by often, remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...