Meeting the Texas Rangers!

During our stay in Dallas, Tx over the long Easter Weekend, we were able to grab a game of the
Texas Rangers
- our first ever!

Just to go to Arlington Stadium was a neat experience ~ wow!

There was a group from Childress that went after our LTC events on Saturday night to watch the Rangers vs. Chicago White Sox - we had three rows up on the 3rd level - so cool.

The 3rd level is almost even with GOD, it's so high up - but with everything going on during the game and watching the big, huge - JUMBO-TRON TV - it kept us TOTALLY entertained the whole time! It's much better watching a baseball game in person than on the TV at home - LOL!

The Ranger's game was the highlight of our trip - my boys were in "hog heaven" so to speak! Alex wants to return asap! Now that we've got down the format of what to do... ticket prices weren't bad at all - parking cost $25 (opening weekend was more $$ than normal, we were told) and we were able to bring a soft ice chest with cheaper drinks and snacks - so it was a "budgeted" luxury that we will be able to do again!

Here are a couple more pictures of our grand trip to see the Texas Rangers!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are doing well ~ I've got "going green" recipes on the agenda soon for a future post. Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...