Crazy Spring Schedule!

Hello! How are you?
Hope you are hanging in there...
This spring has been
We've had a CRAZY schedule for the last month - and I'm needing to slow down and rest - or at least catch up! LOL!

School is CRAZY - so many spring sports all going in different directions. Trying to keep up with sports and students' schedule is maddening! Family-wise - chasing my boys, in all of their activities, is important to us! I know that these times will soon change - so we want to be there - sometimes that means that KV takes one boy and I take the other... but we are there!

Things are slowing down - little-by-little... and we are keeping up the pace. Only 6 more weeks of school - can you believe it? It's FLYING so fast! Our Seniors are so ready... they think! It's fixing to hit when they all begin to get scared and want the days to S.L.O.W D.O.W.N before it's all over! Graduation for CHS is June 1!

ALEX is a CHS freshman - this spring he is on the FFA Poultry judging team - he knows EVERYTHING about chickens!! Or so HE thinks... LOL!

Along with the judging team, 4-H, piano - he is on the JV Track team! He has ran on both of the sprint relays and 100 dashes this season. For District; he ran the 1st leg on the 400 sprint relay and they placed 1st place! Also he ran the 100 dash and grabbed the 3rd place - he was more proud of that "bronze" medal - because he won that on his own - although the "gold" medal is very special also!

Aric's schedule is not has hectic as Alex's (thank goodness) - with basketball over; he only has gymnastics on Monday/Tuesday - he helps Ms. Kim at Kim's Gym, piano, 4-H and now we are gearing up for Little League Baseball - we're on the Phillies this year!

Opening Ceremonies were held Saturday afternoon and we played our first game that night at 8PM - winning 8-1! The wind was so "Texas Bad" - you know what I mean by that, if you live in the Panhandle of Texas!! But sitting at Rock Field, watching baseball is a neat way to spend an evening! Get to see everyone there also! Love it!

That's a glimpse into our world, right now! Thanks for stopping by - next on the agenda for future posts: an AWESOME thing to use on your "Kindle", a new "Oil Facial" recipe and one of my FAVORITE things that I've discovered and can't get enough of - come back! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...